We never write special thank you letters for services - we pay for it. This is an exception, as you have been exceptional. We could not have done it on our own. I do not believe that anybody but you, with your particular blend of skills, inherent talents, and experience, could have made this wedding happen, as flawlessly beautiful as you did it.

Before the wedding, my cost conscious husband could not fathom why there should be the unnecessary added expense of an On-the-day Wedding Coordinator, as I had it all taped. After the wedding he could not believe how reasonable it was, for a service that he called priceless.

Although I am by nature and training, extremely thorough and detailed, my research, planning and extensive efforts were clearly inadequate. I dread to think of the outcome had you not reviewed, changed, added, subtracted and adjusted my planning prior to the big day. Your sensible and practical advice, plus your sensitivity to class and style, was crucial for an absolutely perfect outcome of this once in a lifetime celebration.

The actual day of the wedding was crunch time, and it is unthinkable to imagine how we could have run the event, let alone having the initiative to take care of the inevitable wild cards that was thrown at us on the day. You took care of everything, - invisibly. Having you there gave us the ability and confidence to experience something for which we have only one chance in life. That is to let go and indulge in the actual occasion, and relish the wedding of our only daughter. As hosts we could simply enjoy savouring the special day with our guests.

Only after the event did we become aware of your efforts with the bridesmaids, best men, groom and especially our daughter, Michelle. Your advice, checking of detail, encouragement, and most importantly, emotional support, made all the difference to them. It might have seemed like routine to you, but you have to remember it was a first time for all, and it meant a lot. All commented that it gave them the energy and confidence to simply concentrate on, and enjoy the exhilaration of the occasion.

You certainly understand fairy tales, and how to create what Michelle called:
Thank you Anna!
— Ilse & Shane Bekker - Parents of the Bride